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  • Impersonal Art

  • Should those two words ever exist side by side? Well apparently they do. The reality of the statement hit me rather hard today as I came across an apparent dancer, on one of the photography social networking sites, who I would've liked to photograph. She said she had no intention of sitting and t[...]
A Calendar Of Good Omens
  • A Calendar Of Good Omens

  • I remember when I first picked up a copy of Preludes & Nocturnes. It was given to me by one of my cooler lecturers who used to see me walking around with a whole lot of books and graphic novels. He said, you need to read this and entrusted me with all eleven of his Sandman books. I thought to my[...]
  • The Mermaid Girl

  • Ended up totally crushing (which is rare) on Astrid Bergès-Frisbey after Pirates 4. She playd a heck of a mermaid and I had to put her on canvas. Hopefully she never ever sees this. Time Spent : 5.5 Hours Redraws : None Layers – 4 Brushes : Camel Hair Flat/Round, Oil Flat/Round. Canvas : Arti[...]
Fallen Angel
  • Fallen Angel

  • On her finger she wears his halo, her mind wiped clean of all he left behind. In her heart she tries to hold him tight to never ever let go. Time : 16.5 Hours Brushes : Thick Bristle, Camel Hair Thick Paper : Coarse Art Paper Redraws : 2.5
  • Certainty

  • Time Spent : 10 Hours Redraws : 1 (Semi) Brushes : Camel Hair Flat/Round, Oil Flat/Round, Impasto Tool. Canvas : Wet/Coarse I think the painting got more comments and views than I honestly cared for at the end of the day. Questions, interpretations and concerns ranging from evil to futuristic [...]
  • Hide

  • Time : 1 hour each on lips, eye and touching up, 3 hours on hair. Redraws : 2 Brushes : Camel Hair Fine, Rag, Sponge Paper : Coarse Cotton Canvas
Darkness Rising
Sleeping Beauty
Bunny Love