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  • Album Artwork : Magellanic Clouds

  • The artwork for Magellanic Clouds was painted by the wonderful Natàlie Akua. The original painting (above) was painted by Natàlie to illustrate a Kireji poem from A Dandelion Clock. Natàlie's talent in manipulating paint drips to tell stories captured the essence of the book title with little di[...]
  • Magellanic Clouds Release

  • The Magellanic Clouds album is now available for digital download. iTunes : As a completely independent artist the Magellanic Guide team and I  depend primarily on follower and fan interactions for publicity. Thus please show us some love and help us keep th[...]
  • The Magellanic Guide

  • The Magellanic Guide is now live along with the first video clip that serves both as a teaser to the Magellanic Clouds and a prologue. The guide will correspond to the nine songs in the Magellanic Clouds album. The nine chapters will gradually build [...]
  • A Little Boy Who Dreamt Of Venus

  • A few weeks ago a full circle in my life came to an end. I was out there in my garden talking to the universe as I do each morning with my cup of tea. Yes I believe that the universe still talks to those who listen and those who still attempt to talk to her. This day she said nothing. I figur[...]