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Untitled-7Ever wonder what time is? The ageing of faces against expired moments? Our own breath that blows our lives into the distance, like dandelion threads in motion, so that we may search for time itself? Or maybe it’s nothing but the self-perception of the usual and unusual days to come. Whatever time is, we’re picked up and moved by it. The best part about it all is that we feel things in the smallest of minutes, and that’s all it takes.

Dimitri is a wanderer, a musician, starving artist, tree hugger, insomniac, existentialist, a follower of love, secretive scribbler, mad hatter, humanitarian, animal lover and photographer that allows time to stroll casually beside him, Thus truly feeling the ambiguous energies of time in all its freedom and restriction.

He has strange worlds that he keeps afloat above his pillow, dancing with all the mystical spirits of the world and His time in this one, is connected to the time of the people who know him. All the while as their own dandelion clocks are an unmeasured breath of time, it might just be that his clock is the dandelion itself.