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Congratulations! We’re very pleased to announce that Neil has chosen your artwork as one of his runners-up for the month of May.
This means that your image is going to be featured in the digital A Calendar of Tales experience (launching this April)…

Woke up to two emails that started in the above fashion, and well what can I say… other than we’ve certainly come a long way since getting a tattered copy of Good Omens signed by Neil Gaiman; condemned for a burning.

Seven years later he has handpicked picked two of my photographs as runners-up for The Blackberry Keep Moving campaign. They are featured on www.acalendaroftales.com for the months May and November. The Girl In The Fridge image submitted for June was shortlisted as well.

May   June November

The entire project was a crazy experience trapped within a short timeline of 14 days that will definitely be a story for the grandkids. I did end up submitting images for the whole Calendar which can be seen on: http://ghostnerve.com/portfolio/calendar-tales/

P.S. – Mother, I’m sure you are proud…

I turned my mother’s house upside down – her hall turned into a literal igloo of books. She put up with the hurricane that hit her humble abode much more pleasantly than I expected (yes she cannot stand any kind of mess). During the sleepless week she said the funniest thing I had heard for a while :

“I don’t care what you do, but after this thing is over you will clean this up and my hall will not look like the inside of Neil Gaiman’s head anymore.”

Well to mother I say it’s over and thank you for the patience and support as always. Your hall is now sparkling clean.

Excerpt from the project note : A Calendar of Good Omens