The Magellanic Guide is now live along with the first video clip that serves both as a teaser to the Magellanic Clouds and a prologue.

The guide will correspond to the nine songs in the Magellanic Clouds album. The nine chapters will gradually build upon the base titles and moods of the tracks. Due to the evolving nature of the storyline, the guide will work as an ongoing series until the tale is fully conveyed. Unlike a conventional book, the story of the Magellanic Clouds will be told via music, diary entries, notes, poems, photographs, illustrations, tweets and videos.

The album along with the thought provoking whispers are meant to kickstart or enhance one’s imagination. Thus any creative material, especially illustrations, that one may or can create, would be encouraged. We also urge you to send in anything that may have been inspired by the story or the music. Any illustrations submitted will be featured on the site and the ones that connect to us the most will be featured within the guide itself and we may just take you on as an illustrator for the upcoming graphic novel sections. Fan fiction or side storylines are also welcome and will be featured.

Remember the story will be told across the social media spectrum and the guide, thus it is recommended that you follow and subscribe to the pages listed below for full immersion.

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