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There is always going to be something about eight gorgeous girls. And then there is always going to be something and then so much more about eight gorgeously talented girls who will pick up eight instruments and get on a stage.

And on that stage they play and sing for time, for times like these; time they spent with each other, time spent without each other, the ups, the downs, for the love and angst. They play for their guardians, they play for their angels – they play for their love of music. They remember the best memories right from the crazy ‘I can’t believe we did that’ down to the most bitter of smiles.

A bittersweet symphony. That was all nothing less. Nothing more.

And so the clocks tick on and the girls took all the time they had and squeezed it down to ten beautiful minutes, an immortal memory for anyone who witnessed it, and they emerge on the other side of the night as young queens. Tonight… under the light of the yellow moon and light drizzle they look at me, their eyes ecstatic, screaming, it’s over we did it! I smile back, not knowing how to express how proud I am of them and think little do they know – that this was just the beginning. The journey was just about to start…