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Ink Nerve



1.Are these photo manipulations?
No. None of the paintings featured on Ink Nerve are digital manipulations.

They are paintings of the digital kind and hand drawn on a tablet using Corel Painter X most times with reference to a picture that caught my eye.

3.Will you draw me?
No! Well, ok perhaps, if I find a shot or pose that catches my eye and I’m in the mood.

4.How long does it take?
Time, emulated paper, brushes etc is mentioned for each drawing.

5.What was the hardest one you have done so far?
Curls for technicalities. Certainty for capturing a moment.

6.Which ones your favourite?
Erm, I have a love hate relationship with all my work.

7.Is it true that you are colour blind?

8.So you see in Black and White ? How do you paint then?
This article should explain further : What do colourblind people see?

Disclaimer : Please note that the painted entities in this album have no affiliation to me WHATSOEVER unless explicitly stated. Merely inspired by a pretty or meaningful picture.